Honoring The Heroes Who Are Our US Military Veterans

In every major conflict of the 20th and 21st centuries, military aviators have played a key role in sky_ball_soldierhelping to secure the interests of our nation. The job of a military aviator is a demanding one, requiring great skill, courage, and integrity. They fly in all conditions and at any time of the day, performing a diverse range of tasks including transport, search and rescue operations, and combat operations. Troops on the ground and ships at sea depend on our aviation units to support and defend them.

Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation was established to support the military aviation community, providing assistance to veterans and their families, and helping to ensure recognition of the important contribution aviators and aircrew members make to the defense of our nation.

Far too often veterans and their families do not receive the support and recognition they deserve for the incredible risks they have taken in performing their duty. Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation is directly involved in rectifying this oversight.

How Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation Contributes To Military Veterans and Their Families

The Foundation supports veterans by providing funding for vital counseling services for problems such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and other related problems. We support the families of veterans through funding all kinds of things intended to help families to cope with the loss they have suffered when somebody they love is killed or seriously injured in the line of duty.

Along with counseling, we also provide funding for things like after school activities for children, sports equipment, and even summer camps. As you can probably imagine, growing up without a parent or an older sibling who was previously a part of their life can be really rough on a kid. It’s a loss that can never be completely healed, but we can at least do something that may make it easier to bear. Our goal in this regard is to reduce the emotional and financial strain affecting the family.

We also fund memorials and tributes to honor our fallen heroes. This has probably never been more important that at the present time, with our nation now in its 15th continuous year of war. There are children alive today who have never known what it is like to live in a time of peace.

All members of the US military who serve our nation know that they potentially face the risk of harm and death. They accept this risk because they know that our freedom must be defended from those who would seek to take it from us. It is important that these brave men and women receive the recognition they deserve, and equally important that they have the reassurance that there are organizations like Fallen Angel Aviation Foundation and the Boedecker Foundation that exist to help them and their families in times of trouble.

The Fallen Angel Aviation Foundation was made possible thanks to the generosity of George Boedecker, the Boedecker Foundation, various other individual sponsors, and of course the many volunteers who contribute their time and energy to helping us achieve our goals.


I have met the real Forrest Gump. Not the ninny sitting on a Savannah park bench, prattling about a box of chocolates. His name is Sammy L. Davis and he is a recipient of the Medal of Honor, this nation’s highest award for military heroism.


The foundation continues to identify much needed support to our Fallen Heroes. We are in coordination with several other well established non-profit military support focused organizations to conduct fundraisers in 2015.

PROJECTSWe are currently working and gathering donations and resources to erect a special project to honor a fallen soldier within Colorado. Visit us soon to get more details of this event and find out more about this special memorial project.

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